Hello Supreme Court!

On Wednesday, March 7, 2012, I had the honor to appear before the Colorado supreme court for the first time, which feels like an important milestone.  The issue we were asked to address made the argument even more significant.  In a case I took with the Colorado appellate pro bono program, the supreme court granted certiorari over the following issue:

“Whether the court of appeals erred in concluding that subsections 14-10-123(1)(b) & (1)(c), C.R.S. (2010), require, as a prerequisite to a non-parent’s standing to commence a proceeding for an allocation of parental responsibilities, the consent of both natural parents to the non-parent’s sole physical care of the child.”

This issue is one of fundamental importance, not only for my client and the child she has been raising for the last ten years, but for children throughout Colorado who are being raised by people other than their biological parents.

All the briefs were submitted last year, so Wednesday’s oral argument was the last hurdle before getting a decision from the court.  A recording of the oral argument can be found on the supreme court’s website.

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